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28 in. Power TRX HD Commercial Snow Blower 1428 OHXE



28 in. Power TRX HD Commercial Snow Blower 1428 OHXE

"Unmatched Stability - Track driven allows you to clear snow from tough terrain and steep slopes.
Smooth Handling and Low Maintenance - Hydrostatic transmission for self-propelled operation, increased stability, and smoother handling.
Total Speed Control - Change your speed on the go with Infinitely Variable Speed.
Powered Precision Moves. - Powered with Toro's king, a 420cc engine, and controlled with power steering for smooth, tight turns.
Adjust with Ease. - With the push of a lever, adjust your housing up for climbing and transport, flat to blow snow off a driveway.
Tackle Cold Nights With Ease. - You’re all in for the cold day or night with LED headlights and hand warmers.
Single Hand Chute Control - Quickly change the chute AND deflector direction with a single, smooth motion thanks to the Quick Stick® chute control.
Stay the Course - Minimize clogging and maximize speed with the Anti-Clogging System.
Download the MyToro app from your mobile device's app store for easy access to product resources, including manuals, how-to's, and more"

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