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GrandStand® MULTI FORCE 52 in. 26.5 hp 747 cc EFI

$14,599.00 For a limited time only


GrandStand® MULTI FORCE 52 in. 26.5 hp 747 cc EFI

Conserves space to get more machines on your trailer, or allows for a smaller trailer and lighter load.
Great visibility for easy navigation around obstacles, protecting the operator, mower, and property.
Quick access to the engine, hydros and controls with the easy removal of the fuel tank.
No hydraulic hoses, reduced parts, no routine greasing and simplified design to save you time.
Self-adjusting suspension and a larger platform area for a more secure stance on sloped terrain.
The TURBO FORCE® cutting deck is built to withstand the long, tough days on the job.
10.5 gallon fuel tank for fewer fill-ups. Transparent tank make it easy to gauge the fuel level.
A wide stance and optimal balance enhance hillside stability and control.
GrandStand Includes low flow hydraulics (not shown in image)
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